Assembly resources revisited

In a previous post I mentioned I had built an .NET 1.1 implementation of the assembly resources, as they will appear in the Whidbey framework, for the Van Loon company. It seems only fair that I put the code up (see below), to show the actual implementation.

There are three major pieces missing from the Whidbey version:

  1. No substitution of resource references in a resource is implemented
  2. Caching:
    Only clientside caching is implemented.
  3. Timestamp:
    There is no timestamp taken from the assembly. This means that the (non-present) server-side cache doesn’t get cleared if the requested timestamp is different from the current one.

Anyway, take it as a starting point for your own implementation. I took the “Serving images as from .NET assemblies“ article on MSDN as one.

As always, I am open to suggestions regarding this piece of code. (2.68 KB)

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