MSF Practioner exam 74-100

About a month ago I took the MSF Practitioner exam 74-100, and passed it. I might as well give some pointers to anyone who also wants to take this exam.

Make sure you learn MSF version 3. If you have ever learnt version 2, then you might not want to be surprised at your exam about an extra, fifth phase in the model.

  • Know all the phases, with their milestones and interim milestones, by heart. You should be able to name them all, first to last, last to first, without hesitation. You will be asked a lot about these. Knowing these well will make the exam a LOT easier.
  • The same goes for the deliverables for each of the phases.
  • Learn the six roles in the framework, their functional areas and how the roles can be combined (although this might be a risk in the project).
  • Take a very long look at the flowcharts for the bug reporting, Risk and Readiness management process.
  • If you have a really good memory, you will gain some benefit by knowing the responsibilities for each of the roles through the phases. If you’re pressed for time, this is probably the area where you might attempt to save some time.

Once you understand what MSF is all about and learn at least everything I mentioned above, you should be all right. As I (and you yourself once you take the exam) am not allowed to discuss the questions themselves, let me end by stating that you will be able to answer most of the questions correctly using common sense and by learning and knowing the first three bullets by heart.

Good luck.

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