Advertising on conferences

When I was reading this blog entry on advertising in RSS feeds, I suddenly remembered one of the things I noticed during the latest Developer Days over here in The Netherlands. It occureed to me that the gold and platinum sponsors where now allowed to show commercials during and after the keynote talks and even right before their own speaker’s talks (I know I played a Twice commercial right before my Visual Basic Whidbey talk). 

Is this a new thing? Does anybody know if this is also occuring in other countries?

Anyway, I told the audience right after showing the commercial that they didn’t have to worry me saying about halfway through the talk something like: “We’ll be right back, after this commercial break”. This gave a few chuckles, but if things continue this way, it might become reality in a year or two.

In The Netherlands we also have lots of tv shows that show a message at the beginning or the end: “this program was made possible by Company XYZ”. Again, it seems like a matter of time before similar messages will show up during the TechEd or PDC: “Avalon was brought to you by Company SUN” or something similar 🙂

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