Kumbaya clan site coming up

Over at Van Loon six of us are part of the Kumbaya clan. Perhaps you might associate this with Eek! the Cat. You would be right in doing so. The clan members are called:

  • Doc Tari
  • Gunther
  • Bo Diddley Squat
  • Eek
  • Sharky 
  • Incredible Elmo (that’s me)

I’ve claimed the www.kumbaya.nl domain to host the clan’s website. There’s nothing there yet, but you can expect to see the site in a moment. Our first task will be to humiliate the biHriH clan (born in Holland, raised in Hell) in a real clan war. Read all about it after they have been challenged and defeated. You won’t be reading about it if we’ve lost. Then we will declare the war as a practice match.

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