Lego Mindstorms to be discontinued?

For the Developer Days Jeroen and I built these MindStorms robots. Jeroen (one of the funniest and wittiest persons I know) had written a nice VB.NET program to directly control the robot through the IR tower. He had also uploaded a routine to the robot so it would run around, and would backup, turn and try again when bumping into someone or something.

In this picture, Jeroen is trying to stop the robots from killing each other. He’s pointing out a flaw in his subroutine that does not prevent robots from attacking one another. 🙂

What scared us a lot is that Lego has announced it will drop the MindStorms products. Jeroen sent me this (Dutch) and this link to prove this very fact, brought to our attention by four of the many people that visited the Twice booth. I certainly hope this turns out to not be true. I found this post somewhere else, giving me some hope that MindStorms will get to see some more boxes. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

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