Developer Days 2004, lots of fun

Yesterday the Dutch Developer Days 2004 were held in The Hague at the National Congress Centre (NCC). Twice was there as well, represented by Patrick, Leon, Jeroen and myself. We made a very lasting impression, because we had the Lego MindStorms demo at our booth. More on that in a later post.

I also did two presentations at the Developer Days. The parallel session was on the new features in Visual Basic.NET Whidbey and the lunch session on ADO.NET ObjectSpaces. Both presentations went pretty well. Both times the room was completely filled with about 300-350 people. Definitely the largest crowd I ever spoke for. During the first talk, people were queuing at the entrance as there were no more seats.

During the talk on VB.NET Whidbey I did have a scary moment. It was when I switched my Virtual PC session, that I had just started to full screen mode. It disappeared! This was a bit of a HUGE problem, as about 50% of my talk would be doing live demos. I managed to gently kill the VPC session and continued with the slides. After that I gave it another try, got it to show in none-full screen again and did my demo in 800×600. It was rushing things a bit, and I did not quite get to all the nice new things.

Just the day before I had been experiencing other problems in the combination of my Dell Latitude D600 laptop and the beamer. My laptop kept thinking that a beamer makes a very nice extended desktop. Whenever I tried to convince my laptop that it should not extend, it would switch back to LCD-only display. Using Function+F8 would bring the aforementioned situation again. When I reinstalled the drivers and did install ATI Control Panel, I was able to get it all going.

Anyway, it was a very nice day. Clemens Vasters, Lester Madden and Hans Verbeeck were there as well, doing the first installment of their Longhorn tour. Got to talk to all of them in the speaker’s lounge.

BTW, you can download the slides and demo code below:

Nieuw in Visual Basic Whidbey.ppt (367 KB)
Introduction to ADO.NET ObjectSpaces.ppt (347.5 KB)
DemoCode (13.78 KB)
DemoCode (29.36 KB)

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