Announcing KillerBlog

Yep, I’m in the phase where you develop your own blogging application. Not because I think I can do better (the Not Invented Here syndrome), but because I need some practice. It is nice to develop a full-fledged application instead of just demos and prototypes.

Anyway, KillerBlog uses the data layer I’ve been posting about here and here. What makes it separate from other blogging applications is that it is able to host multiple blogs from one application. It also relies on SqlXml more than just the data layer, because the ATOM and RSS feeds are build using XSL Transformations.

In the app I also use MasterPages (v1.1) devised from the MasterPages of Paul Wilson, but in a enhanced version that is more consistent with the ASP.NET Whidbey way. Also, I’ve created a LoginStatus and LoginName control just like in Whidbey.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish the 0.1 beta by the end of this week. Otherwise I will have to postpone untill after Developer Days. To do list for 0.1 beta:

  • Implement Pingback
  • Implement logging
  • Create a new skin(s) or theme(s) for the site.
    For now, I “leased“ the one that Dino’s blog uses. Jeroen van de Berg is going to help me out with the design.

Scheduled for the 0.2 beta:

  • Category support
  • Navigation (links, blogroll and calendar)
  • Caching
  • Aggregated feed for all bloggers
  • Searching through blogs

After the 0.1 beta is out, I will also post the code to this blog.

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