Seeing your article in store

It struck me as kind of funny and exciting to see the first “commercial” magazine in stores that has an article of me in it. It’s the Microsoft Office Magazine Winter 2003/2004 issue, that has the first part of the article “Office XP Web Services Toolkit” in it. I didn’t really know beforehand that they would be splitting it in two. When I looked at it (it had been a while ago since I wrote it) I thought: “Hey, this ends weird”, and just a second later I noticed the “To be continued”. They did a very nice job editing the article, showing screenshots of the websites that I mentioned. There was even one that I hadn’t come across just yet:

In the meantime, the .NET Magazine has appeared as well. My article on Exception Management is one of the three featured articles. It was quite a hassle to get a decent picture of myself (cameras don’t like me, usually) to Microsoft. The picture at the Dutch MSDN portal is an old one. I thought it didn’t show, but several people pointed this out to me: “That’s definitely from your younger years”. Am I getting old and can you tell?
Anyway, I didn’t get my hand on a copy of the .NET Magazine yet. Curious as I am I want to see what I look like on paper, and read the articles of course :). A friend of mine, Bart Jansen of BartZelf did the illustrations. Here’s what one of them looked like before and after:
Quite a difference from my doodling.

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