Manual labor

The article for ASPToday is coming along pretty well. I’ve got four days off from my work at Twice IT, because I needed to spend my surplus of free days. Such luxury.

Anyway, I got sidetracked from the writing when I decided to spend half a day to lay a lot of large 10 kilogram tiles in our front garden to build some sort of pavement. It was long overdue: the pavement should have been there about 3 years ago. Nicole and I were nearly able to finish it. The last two tiles won’t fit without being cut to size and it was getting very dark. We were lucky with all of the other tiles fitting nicely in between our driveway and the neighbor’s pavement. Not too bad for a girl and guy that have smooth hands from typing all of the time. That’s over now. It seems like we’ve got sand paper hands. I’m very content with the result. It’s not easy to lay over 50 tiles and get them all to line up in height and position. It was no record time, but decent work takes time, even if I say so myself. I guess I’m so satisfied because I finally did what had to be done ages ago.

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